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batteries to make sure that plant is the most productive plant in the united states of america. >> reporter: the money will go toward a new facility that will build electric motors to be used in hybrid and electric cars and trucks. >> this is the first facility here in the entire country to make these electric motors. >> the expanse of this -- expansion of this plant will generate a significant influx of income and jobs in the greater baltimore area. >> reporter: allison says 200 people will be added to their staff. and the announcement ensures current employees job security. >> being a gm employee for as long as i have, this is actually new. and as they indicated, you went from having jobs that were in mexico, well, potentially in mexico, now they're coming to us here in maryland. >> reporter: the plant first went green by manufacturing hybrid transmissions. >> this is a big announcement for maryland. and potentially a big announcement for our country. because this is the next generation of electric ride motors for automobiles. >> reporter: in addition to the 200 jobs created here in in ma
. >> the council of america says that it's religious profiling. >>> we are now counting down the days until the ravens big palafer. fans are painting the town purple. live downtown, we have more on the purple fever. >> reporter: absolutely. you know we have felt it all season long, that purple fever and now we can see it all over baltimore. ravens fans are so devoted they came out to watch the ground crew paint everything purple. >> i'm not getting off of this thing. >> behind every great masterpiece. >> i'll start off with purple. >> it's careful preparation, solid execution and above all else powerful inspiration. >> going to win the super bowl. >> we are baltimore, home of the ravens and whenever the team makes the playoffs, the power house inspires the city to create. after hours of stenciling and painting, logos on federal hill and city hall. considering sean the master painter. >> i think it's kind of neat to see to see how it starts and finishes. >> reporter: it does not make it an easy task, you can see some leftover paint, nothing is going to keep the guys from getting it do
? >> reporter: vic, the president speaks to a joint session of congress and america tonight at 9:00. political observers say the president must tell americans how he's going to put them back to work. and also tell them how he's going to get the economy back on track. one thing is clear, this speech comes at a very critical time in america's history. >> reporter: president obama will try to convince skeptical voters to put their faith back into his agenda. >> it's a good one. >> reporter: when he takes the podium for his state of the union address, the president wants wants to reconnect with middle class voters. people like robert boyd, a farmer from colorado. >> i want to hear how he's going to deal with the deficit. >> boyd will get his wish. about two-thirds of the president's speech will focus on jobs, the economy, and reducing the deficit. he's expected to lay out new plans to jump-start the job markets. like offering tax incentives to businesses that expand or buy new equipment. but that may not be enough to convince some of the voters who tune in tonight. >> i feel that we have been find
. the uss carl vinson is running south as part of america's effort to help. and crews on the navy's floating hospital, the uss comfort, stationed in baltimore, are already preparing in case an official order comes down. family members are waiting to hear, too. but their wait is agonizing. >> i said of all times, you know? i wish maybe it was a day later. you know, but we -- we're all christian people. and we feel that it's just in god's hands now. >> reporter: and beam says her brother, along with his entire group are supposed to be staying at a hotel, in port-au- prince. but as of tonight, they have not heard from him whether they even made it there or whether that hotel is standing. we're live, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> and our complete coverage continues now with meteorologist bernadette woods with more on why this earthquake was so devastating. bernadette? >> reporter: well, any time you have a 7.0 magnitude quake. that is high on the scale. major on a scale that runs up to 10.0. unfortunately, for this country, already poor. and already devastated from a lot of tropical syst
are on the side of america and on the side of the world. we're not going to allow terrorism or terrorists to hijack our religion. >> reporter: abdulmutallab was moved under heavy security, back to the prison, where he will remain until his next court date. true levinson, cbs news, detroit. >>> the top obama administration official says the suspect could be offer said a plea deal, in exchange for valuable information about his contacts in yemen and elsewhere. >>> still to come tonight on we'll's eyewitness news. cold combat. you know fruit helps keep you from getting sick. but some other unusual foods may do even more. >>> i'm alex demetrick. coming up, breathing new life into old history. that story as eyewitness news continues. >>> i'm suzanne collins in annapolis, when a man refuses to stop texting in the courtroom. it leads to a scuffle, broken bones and consideration of a new cell phone policy. that's coming up next. >>> very cold night ahead. stick around for the forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> texting and refusing to stop leads to multiple bones. an incident is leading to an annual
to the environment, what is america doing to meet the challenges ahead. we'll preview our network wide series, where america stands. plus despite all our problems, a new, cbs poll shows an awful lot of optimism about our future. we'll find out more on next. >>> here's a look at closing numbers from wall street,,,,,,,, >>> winter is here, and the season can get very cold. will tomorrow be any different? meteorologist bernadette woods is in the newsroom with what we can expect yesterday. >> it's going to be more of the same. temperatures are cold, as we head through the afternoon, temperatures not going up that much. the clouds will build in, there could be a couple of flurries as we head through the afternoon. the same idea on wednesday, but then on thursday, we start to see a few changes here. you notice temperatures creeping up, not even into the 40s but creeping up from where they are right now. a storm could bring us temperatures in the 40s before refreshing up on the weekend. >>> the new season of the bachelor kicks awe on abc tonight. but first only et can fake you inside jake pevelkos bachelo
america stands in the battle against cancer. >> they tell you you have six months and what are you going to do in six months? >> couric: finding hope and cracking the genetic code. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. millions of vehicles recalled, sales suspended, production stopped, and just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for toyota, it has. the recall for defective gas pedals has spread to china and europe, and in this country, jeff glor tells us, another million-plus toyota cares and s.u.v.s were added to the recall list. >> reporter: for the world's biggest automaker, the problem
. >> this is the initial investment to make sure high- speed rail comes to america. >> that's really the essence of it. >> reporter: maryland is one of 31 states getting the cash, making rail and cargo transportation faster and easier in the northeast corridor. >> baltimore is a huge hub area for the rail service. so this is very important for maryland. it's important for our entire region. >> reporter: the money will pay for a new station at bwi marshall and a new train tunnel in baltimore. >> we're going to get money through the b&p tunnel. it was built before the civil war. it is dangerous. it has curves. it's a bottleneck. and if anything happens, god forbid. >> more than 1500 miles of track in the northeast will be upgraded. >> reporter: some of the biggest winners include california, which is getting $2 billion of this funding. and a route from chicago to st. louis is getting more than $1 billion. >> but can the federal government afford it? some have criticized the obama administration for spending too much. more than $1.3 trillion this year. >> all of it will not be paid for by federal tax dol
a national epidemic? >>> tonight, we continue our special series, "where america stands," with a at how new treatments may stave off this devastating disease. only on the cbs evening news. >>> here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> a warmup finally coming. wjz is live with fiermt first warning weather coverage. first, meteorologist bernadette woods is going to make us all happy. she has a more detailed look at what we can expect. bernadette? >> we begin to thaw out. tomorrow morning, going to be a cold one. we'll start off around 20 degrees. but as we head through the afternoon. sunshine, clouds will warm up to about 40 degrees. that's still below the average of 41. but it's in the right direction, right? tomorrow night, we still drop. but there's continued warmup in the five-day forecast. for more on that, here's bob. >> i think thursday and friday feel pretty good. 40, 44. 48. 42 on saturday. there's a chance we may be on the northern edge of rain or sweat snow perhaps. >>> the woman at the center of a reality show scandal is speaking out. mark stein
with photographs of men. president obama unveils a host of new initiatives. he hopes america's shrinking middle class, as joel brown reports. this comes just before his state of the union address, when his approval rating is dropping. >> reporter: president obama is trying to make a point this week. that he understands how ordinary americans are struggling. in a preview of wednesday's state of the union address, the president pitched several new proposals, aimed at the middle class. >> proposals that make it a bit easier for families to get by. students to get ahead and for workers to retire. >> reporter: vice president joe biden outlined the specifics. doubling the child tax credit for families earning less than $85,000. increasing the funding for child programs. and capping student loans so recent graduates don't have to pay more than 10% of their income. >> a change like that makes a real difference for a kid just out of school. >> reporter: the administration is also calling for more money to help family. and want all workers to offer retirement savings account. >> the polls indicate presid
by the military for the battlefield of the future. our ground breaking series, where america stands, begins tomorrow night on the cbs evening news. >>> here's the information from wall street today. wall street today. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,, just trying . >>> well, we would be in store for some snow later in case you haven't heard. what can we expect? wjz is live with first warning complete weather coverage. bob will update the complete forecast, but first, bernadette woods is in the outback with more on what we can expect tomorrow. >> reporter: we'll start out with a bit of sunshine and temperatures in the 20s, then as we head through the afternoon, the clouds will quickly take over. by tomorrow night the snow is going to move in. there is a chance for a couple of inches accumulation generally 1 to 3 around the region as we head tomorrow night into early friday morning. here's bob. >> that obviously could play into plans for friday morning. drive times have to be watched but it looks like salt will handle most of this pretty effectively. 38 tomorrow, not too bad. increasing clouds
referendum. >> the people of massachusetts have spoken for the rest of america. stop this process. >> reporter: the fop is fired up because republican scott brown captured the senate seat once held by the late democratic icon, ted kennedy. brown's upset win sent political shock waves through the capital. he gives the republicans the 41st vote needed to block the democrat health overhaul. >> to have the one-size-fits- all attitude doesn't work. >> brown won by appeal appealing to the country's anger about the economy and overspending. but some say it wasn't indicative of the president. >> yesterday, it was a year ago. and it continues today. >> reporter: before the massachusetts vote democrats in the house and senate had already started trying to work out the differences between their two versions of the healthcare bill. party leaders insist they've come too far to give up now. >> we will move forward with their considerations in mind. but we will move forward. >>> many moderate democrats worry that sticking to the current healthcare plan will only bring more defeats in this fall's
interest. and we will do america proud. >> a good many marylanders will be taking part in this humanitarian effort. vic? >> okay, alex. thank you very much. amazing work they're dog. complete -- they're doing. complete coverage continues with weijia jiang. >> every day, we are learning more about marylanders who are in haiti. tonight, the story of a baltimore man who returned there after being away for nearly 30 years. now, many of his family members are dead. >> reporter: for 36 hours, sedani beratty clung to pictures of her husband. she went through emotions but didn't feel alive. >> i didn't think straight. i just cried and cried and cried. and cried some more. >> reporter: tears, steaming from -- stemming from her husband. then a call. >> he picked up the phone and he said, baby, i'm okay. i'm okay, baby. and you know, i was so happy, you know. >> reporter: berati escaped death by moments. at the time of the quake, he was at his parents' home, though he had been spending most of his time at his uncle's house, which collapsed and killed. >> he said, baby, i have to go. we have to go on a
unguarded. and where america stands in the battle against obesity and what's being done to save our children. >> just what i used to look like and then what i look like now kind of upsets me. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening. everyone. the white house laid it all out today, just how u.s. intelligence failed to detect and stop that christmas day
. but in that shining moment in 1969, anything seemed possible for america. >> after that monumental space flight, neil armstrong announced that he would never fly in space again. he started teaching others about his experiences. >> amazing experiences, too. >>> boy, i'm glad i shoveled off my driveway last night. because of all of that slush out there. >> we are turning cold. and we are going to stay there for a while. right now, not too bad. 38 degrees outside at this point. you can see the winds are picking up out of the west/northwest. and that's going to usher in this new round of cold air. we'll feel the difference and have the forecast when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> we could be in a frozen wonderland very soon. we saw is last -- it last night, didn't we? >> it was fun out there. hope you guys had a great new year's also. and a safe one also. we see a couple of flurries and sprinkles making their way across the state. what we've got going on here, a few of them. that is it. but don't be surprised if you see some of them coming out of the skies. this is very light. all through harford c
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15